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my mind.


effervescence. bubbles and blistering. at an ear’s gaze i experience the crevices and chasms of you heart’s chamber. the maroon sustance pumps its way through your veins and capillaries, thick. compact. pushing its way through malleable tubular contraptions, designed by the unfathomable resouce whom resides within every particle and every piece of our perceptions.

i hear the sloshing and spattering as the heart pumps fervently, sustaining survival. incessant. infinate. it is continuous, regarless of your rejection — for your creator fabricated devine ideals and intentions for the purpose of life itself.

the laughter which infiltrates the chams and clefs of your eyes. the eyes which permeate all fleshy exteriors and external perceptions — for the eyes know no gender. they know no names.

the tears that crystalize into chaotic and perhaps flawness patterns. they visualize back to you, as teachers to your evidence.

the ecstacy and euphoria which accompanies coming to an understanding of your worth and marvel of a seed’s sprout.

she intends for your life, simply Because.

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ahw jebus

brightened by celestial rays, i move fluidly, welcoming silken droplets to cleanse me of superstitions and preconceptions.

the frame of a woman is the embodiment of absolution. of perfection. the unscathed contours of her sunrise and the ample rotundity of her planetary curvature.

i trek meaningfully through windstorms and fiercely through tsunamis, inevitably enjoying and communicating with the Woman. always alone, incessantly welcoming the company of my own Being.

the Silence — it pulsates and transforms, beating perpetually deep into my eardrums and permeating my core.

i’ve become my own Best Friend.

and in the silence the trees resonate unconditional love with the luminous green they emit and sustenance they supply. the leaves rustle alongside a breeze’s whisper as heavy clouds gather overhead to nourish soils. the trees deliberate their plan for survival. their roots, which deeply penetrate the fertile Woman, extend toward one another, creating unity and ultimate immunity. they are united.

in the silence, a raven or a dove alike are messengers. your attention will uncover the secrets they desire to reveal to you.

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